Six Simple Steps To Recession-Proof Your Retirement

Simple Steps To Recession-Proof Your Retirement

Your Retired, but sitting around the house isn’t as much fun as you thought it would be. Or maybe the little lady has a couple years of work before she can retire and join you. Or better yet, your both retired and want to get out of the house together and see some of the country.

Funding a 401k now is one smart way to ensure that you can retire when you reach your seventies. Keeping money flowing into the 401k account and doing a when you switch jobs will ensure that your retirement nest egg grows. It is a common mistake that people make, no matter what age — they fail to take advantage of the 401k rollover option when it is presented.

This is just a few, there are many more out there, you just need to modify your search parameters to find them. Most companies don’t have mandatory dispatch, what this means is, if you don’t want to take a load you can pass it on to the next driver. If you only want to take a trip now and then, not staying on the road continually some of the companies will only require you to take one load a month to be maintained on their books.

You have to do your own math, but here’s one an example of planning to care for a home with retirement income. With about 30 years left until full retirement age (70), according to your social security statement, you can expect to collect $2,266 per month if you retire at age 70. Since we are talking about retirement income, let’s see how checkbookgoldira relates to it. If you retire early, at age 62, you can expect to earn $1,262 per month-how does an annual income of $15,144 sound? Wait, first take out taxes, at about 15%. You’ll get 12,872.40 per year, which equals $1,072.70 per month.


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Four – Scenarios. This sheet is where is all about. You want to plan. And therefore a (personal) financial plan is not any different than a project planning. You want to discuss possible scenarios with other stakeholders (for example with your partner). Scenarios are about questions like; “when could we stop, can we take a sabbatical,” or other questions starting with; “what if.” Things you need to know in advance. You need to anticipate. This, because you have to steer the scenarios with some kind of investments.

You don’t have to be driving a brand new car, paying high car insurance and making large car payments to go from A to B. Choose a 3 year old car instead – and save a bundle.

Social Security is a large investment for each of us. However, the return on that investment will not be significant. Supplementing retirement income is necessary for everyone.